Highways England call for noise measurements at sites dominated by road traffic noise (paid opportunity)

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Alex Shaida
Fri, 22/05/2020 - 10:23
Highways England is involved in the BSi EH 1/2 scoping committee developing a new British Standard for the Calculation of Sound Levels Outdoors for both road and rail sources. To assist in the validation of the calculations we require high quality measured road traffic noise levels.
Highways England is seeking suitable sites for traffic noise surveys in two phases:
1. imminently, to capture the current low volumes of road traffic; and
2. once road traffic conditions return to ‘normal’, assumed to be later in 2020.
Highways England has commissioned Arup/AECOM to coordinate this project on its behalf. Payment will be provided for the selected participants.
Highways England is looking for suitably equipped and qualified acoustic professionals who are able to meet the following criteria:
• Access to a secure outdoor site whose sound climate is dominated by road traffic noise, preferably from motorways or trunk roads
• Access to any proposed site should be achieved within current government restrictions due to Covid 19 (e.g. home or office locations)
• Use of fully calibrated class 1 sound level meter for at least 1 week for each phase
• Ideally, access to a suitable weather station to be positioned close to the sound level meter during the noise measurements
• Ability to commit to both phases
For further information please contact:
HE_CRTN [at] aecom [dot] com
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